Latest Spotify Gift Card Codes-2023

What is Spotify Gift Card?

Spotify Gift Card allows the listener to purchase something valuable, like music or video, while providing the business with funds to fuel their business. It can be purchased by purchasing a Spotify Premium plan. In other words, if you buy a premium plan and your subscription lapses within the first year, you will receive the gift card after the first year. A user can have up to 10 Spotify Gift Cards. This does not include artists or labels. The total number of gift cards a user can receive is 10,000.

How to get Spotify Gift Card?

If you want to buy your dear old friends, family members or colleagues an anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with a Spotify gift card. What you have to do is to simply buy this gift card online.

Buying this gift card for someone isn’t an easy task . You will need to visit a payment gateway like Paytm Mall or Amazon to purchase the gift card.

How to use Spotify Gift Card?

This particular solution is a simple one. At the point of opening your cart, you’ll see a separate tab where you can purchase a Spotify gift card. You can choose a card from a list of popular stores.

Then, you can choose the amount of money to load into the card. After you choose the amount of money to add, the card will load and automatically charge the amount into your cart. All you have to do is add all of your items to your cart.

How to redeem Spotify Gift Card?

Right now, this is all the information that you need about how to redeem your Spotify Gift Card on your smartphone. The method is simple and should be followed by you.Open the Spotify app on your phone and then tap on Settings on the side menu. If you are in USA, then tap on ‘Support’ button to initiate this process.You will then be asked to choose your payment method. You can either pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.When you have chosen your payment method, you will be asked to choose the denomination of your gift card. So, choose the amount that you want to spend as your gift card.Once you have made the payment, you will receive the Gift Card in the e-mail and you can check it by clicking on ‘View Gift Card’.

However, you can also claim your gift card even without paying the money by using their official website. To do so, go to

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